Blender插件-程序化真人头发制作工具 MEDUSA NODES v1.0.5 Procedural Hair SystemBlender插件、Blender预设、插件


MEDUSA NODES是一个为Blender设计的程序化头发系统插件。它提供了一种灵活的方式来创建和编辑头发模型,使您能够以更直观的方式控制头发的形状、密度、颜色等属性。借助插件自己的Medusa Nodes Hierarchy面板简化了节点组,可以在其中轻松查看和编辑所有不同的节点及其参数。

Medusa Nodes – Procedural Hair System for BlenderThe addon features Geometry Nodes node groups, which are purposely made to achieve realistic deformations and visualization of hair。The node groups are streamlined by the help of addon’s own Medusa Nodes Hierarchy panel, where one can easily view, and edit all of the different nodes and their parameters.