Blender插件-快速修饰粒子毛发工具 Dynamic Grooming 0.67Blender插件


如果您想要更快的工作流程来在 Blender 中修饰粒子毛发。该插件使您能够使用动态设置头发粒子的样式,使用饼菜单中的默认搅拌器梳子工具, 从版本 0.6 Beta7 开始,使用形状键设置头发样式,使用 shapekey,您可以创建动画,从而使动画制作过程更快,因为您不必不断调整动态来达到特定的结果,现在您可以为特定的帧雕刻结果。除了 shapekey 选项外,您还可以在面板内找到大部分头发粒子选项,这些选项经过组织以实现更好的控制和更快的设置。

If you want to make a faster workflow to groom your particle hair inside Blender.This addon enables you to Style hair particles using dynamics, using default blender comb tools from a pie menu and since version 0.6 Beta7, style the hair using shapekeys.With the shapekey you can create animation, making the process to animate faster, because you won’t have to keep tweaking the dynamics to reach a specific result, now you can sculpt the results for a specific frame.Besides the shapekey option, you have most of hair particle options inside a panel, organized for better control and faster setup.