Blender插件-自动生成纹理绘制工具 Philogix PBR Painter v4.2Blender插件


Philogix PBR Painter是一个Blender插件,可让您直接在Blender中进行纹理和绘制,为您提供导出PBR纹理的选项。图层样式的工作流程与您在 Substance  Painter 和 Photoshop 中的工作流程非常 相似,这真的让 您可以轻松创建纹理并控制 纹理和纹理通道。其他非常 有趣的是还支持智能材料 ,因此您也可以 根据自己的喜好调整事物。

It’s great that the job goes smoothly using only Blender. Philogix PBR Painter is trying to do just that. Philogix PBR Painter is an addon that allows you to texturing and painting directly in Blender, giving you options to export your PBR textures. With the layer styled workflow so very workflow similar to what you have in substance painter and photoshop, this really makes it very easy for you to create textures and also control textures and also your texture channels. And something else very interesting is the smart material also supported so that you can also adjust the things to your liking.