Blender三维商业场景渲染教程 Blender Bros – Rendering University PlatinumBlender教程、Blender预设、教程


Rendering University提供了一套系统化的方法和指导,讲解Blender中三维场景渲染的方法,包括渲染规则、场景灯光设置、渲染设置等。

Introducing Rendering University, a step-by-step formula for creating an effective portfolio to build a rewarding career, gain clients, and build a loyal & impressive following – all from scratch.

You see, the key to standing out amongst the crowd of subpar 3D artists is having a portfolio that actually looks good.

You can have a bad model, but if you know how to present it properly, you can turn anything into something that looks good – and this is what will make you stand out.