Blender环境灯光设置教程(英文字幕) Cinematic LightingBlender教程

Blender环境灯光设置教程(英文字幕) Cinematic Lighting

通过观看 6 小时以上的高级课程来提升您的 3D 照明技能,该课程提供了在 Blender 中设置电影照明的分步指南。这一切都非常简单:照明就是一切!毕竟,为了看到我们需要光的任何东西。作为 3D 艺术家,我们都知道这个显而易见的事实,但我们仍然常常犯错,因为在建模上花费了更多的时间,而当它决定了场景的成败时,几乎没有考虑到灯光。

It’s all really simple: lighting is everything! After all in order to see ANYTHING we NEED light. As 3D artists we all know this obvious truth but we’re still too often guilty of spending WAY more time on the modeling and barely a thought to the lighting when it’s that which makes or breaks a scene.