PS插件-印象派油漆笔刷特效 Impressionism Paint FXPS插件


在PS中模拟油漆笔刷效果,包含超过10中纹理样式,支持PS CC 2015或者更高版本

A fantastic photo effect to create a realistic painted look on any image. This Tool is very simple to use and works with Photoshop CC (from 2015 to the most recent version) in any language for Mac and Pc . Just install the assets, open a Photo and run the Script to get this Impressionistic Painted effect: this is very handy when you want to create an artistic paint but have no tools or experience and it’s great as a present!


  • 将Geometric Dispersion FX.jsx拷贝到PS安装目录的Presets/Scripts里面
  • 打开PS,在顶部菜单,编辑-预设-预设管理器,载入,选择Geometric Dispersion Patterns.pat
  • 在顶部菜单,文件-脚本-Geometric Dispersion Fx,就可以看到了