PS插件-几何图形色散特效 Geometric Dispersion FXPSPS插件


可以在PS中将一些几何图形叠加到自己的图片上,支持PS CC 2015或者更高版本

This Adobe Photoshop Extension is studied to give high end results and to be used for high quality projects: the final result that the Script gives is an amazing starting point for many type of artworks and is a must have Tool for speed and quality.


  • 将Geometric Dispersion FX.jsx拷贝到PS安装目录的Presets/Scripts里面
  • 打开PS,在顶部菜单,编辑-预设-预设管理器,载入,选择Geometric Dispersion Patterns.pat
  • 在顶部菜单,文件-脚本-Geometric Dispersion Fx,就可以看到了