Blender模拟自然环境光效生成插件 Extra Lights V1.2Blender插件

Blender模拟自然环境光效生成插件 Extra Lights V1.2


  • 所有灯都基于现实世界的灯具,并按类型和强度进行组织。
  • 总共有30多个平原点、点、区域和太阳预设。
  • 还有 30 多个 IES 预设,根据每个灯泡的实际使用情况投射出可信的图案,总共 60 多个预设。
  • 每个灯的强度可以以流明而不是瓦特为单位进行调整(解释如下。
  • 每盏灯都有一个基于其真实世界光源的预设开尔文色温,可以轻松调整。
  • 如果需要,您可以设置 RGB 颜色而不是开尔文值。无论选择何种颜色,流明数都是相同的,因此蓝光和红光会显得同样明亮。

This plugin for Blender adds over 60 photometric light presets to your Add menu. Here’s what you can expect:

  • All lights are based on real world light fixtures and are organized by type and strength.
  • There are over 30 plain point, spot, area, and sun presets in total.
  • There are also over 30 IES presets that cast believable patterns according to how each bulb is actually used, for a total of over 60 presets.
  • Each light’s strength can be adjusted in lumens instead of watts (explanation below.
  • Each light has a preset Kelvin color temperature based on its real world source, which can be easily adjusted.
  • You can set an RGB color instead of a Kelvin value if desired. The number of lumens will be the same regardless of the color selected, so a blue light and a red light will appear equally bright.