Blender加快渲染速度插件 Turbo Render V3.0.8Blender插件

Blender加快渲染速度插件 Turbo Render V3.0.8

Turbo Render 极其出色的渲染结果,速度高达 960 倍。保持标准降噪器无法保持的图像质量,即使为它们提供渲染时间延长 120 倍的图像!对于复杂的场景,您可以期望您的单帧渲染从几个小时减少到几分钟!Temporal Stabilizer – 虽然只有一个复选框,但这个庞大的新功能提供了每次通过时间稳定,允许动画渲染时间减少多达 40 倍!

Major Feature Release – Turbo Tools V3 now with Temporal Stabilizer and the option to use animation optimised sample pre-sets!

Turbo Tools is a full rendering pipeline addon that includes:

  • Turbo Render – Vastly superior render results up to 960x faster. Retains image quality the standard denoisers can’t maintain even when providing them with images rendered for 120X longer! For complex scenes you can expect your single frame renders to be reduced from several hours to several minutes!
  • Temporal Stabilizer – Although only a single checkbox, this massive new feature provides per pass temporal stabilization, allowing animation render times to be reduced by up to 40x!