Blender动漫人物头发制作生成插件 Anime Hair Maker V1.5Blender插件

Blender动漫人物头发制作生成插件 Anime Hair Maker V1.5

制作类似动漫的头发的常见过程是制作一根发束并在整个头上复制。该插件提供了填充发束的其他方法,例如,它使用 blender 新头发系统来雕刻、使用模态运算符种植头发、直接绘制贝塞尔曲线头发以及从旧粒子头发转换。同时,单击按钮即可处理斜角和锥度轮廓。使用随附的曲线工具也可以轻松进行曲线操作。它提供了 9 种常用的斜角形状、卷发和辫子头发生成。另外, 您可以将自己的头发曲线形状添加到混合物中以供将来使用。

The common process of making anime alike hair is to make a hair strand and duplicate all over the head. This addon offers additional ways to populate hair strands, for example, it utilizes blender new hair system to sculpt, plant hairs with modal operator, directly draw bezier hairs as well as convert from legacy particle hairs. In the mean time, bevel and taper profiles are taken care of with a click of button. Curve manipulating also made easy with included curve tools.