Blender插件快速重新拓扑工具中文版Speedretopo v0.1.8Blender插件

Blender插件快速重新拓扑工具中文版Speedretopo v0.1.8

Speedretopo v0.1.8 可帮助您在 Blender 上轻松快速地重新拓扑!该插件专为初学者设计,使用起来非常简单。它为您提供了所有必要的工具来处理您的重新拓扑。Speedretopo 是由一位自由艺术家为所有Blender艺术家制作的。只需单击一下,您就可以开始重新拓扑。SpeeRetopo Addon’s helps you to make easy and Fast Retopology on Blender!The addon was made for beginners and is really simple to use. It gives you all the necessary tools to work on your retopology. Speedretopo was made by a freelance artist for all blender artists.Works from Blender 2.7 to 3.3.3