Blender插件-建模图片视频管理工具 Blendref V1.1Blender插件


用于在雕刻、动画或建模时在视口中管理图像和视频参考。图像部分类似于 BeeRef 或 PureRef 应用程序,但是在Blender中!无需在您的视口上放置强制应用程序,它是视口的一部分。无需单击应用程序来缩放或移动图像,您不会离开 Blender 界面。视频部分对于动画参考非常有效。您可以循环播放并减慢任何片段的速度!您现在可以添加文本以更好地对参考文献进行排序。要知道,所有内容都保存在特定集合中,因此您只需附加集合即可轻松地将参考从混合文件转移到另一个文件!

BlendRef is a blender add-on for images and videos references managing in the viewport while sculpting, animating or modeling. The image part is similar to BeeRef or PureRef apps but, in blender! No need to put a forced app over your viewport, it’s part of it. No need to click on the app to zoom or move a image, you don’t leave Blender interface. The video part is very efficient for animation references. You can loop and slow down any segment! You can now add text to better sort your references. Know that everything is kept in specifics collections so you can easily bring your ref from a blend file to another by simply append the collections!