Blender插件-摄像机镜头漏光光晕特效生成工具 Glared v0.1.17 – Light Fx And Flare In BlenderBlender插件


Glared是一款Blender插件,用于在Cycles和Eevee渲染引擎中生成实时光效。它可以创建各种光效,如辉光、重影、光晕、色差、晕影和锐化效果,且直接在3D视图中可见。可以调整多个参数来精细控制这些效果。插件支持Blender 3.5至4.1版本。

Glared is a useful add-on for generating the light effects present in many film shots (such as Glow, Ghosts, and Streaks) using the scene you are working on as a starting point. It can be used in real-time on the 3D scene or on photos or videos. There is a Threshold value that determines which values to use to activate Glared’s filters. In addition, Glared creates Chromatic Aberration, Vignette, and Sharpening effects.