Blender插件-快速创建动画制作工具 Fast Animation Studio Toolz V5.3.4Blender插件


将您的工作流程提升到一个新的水平!FAST Animation Studio TOOLS 是BLENDER的革命性插件,可帮助您更快地创建动画。从涉及创建场景和动画的 200个过程中删除了按钮点击,剩下的就是思考和专注于项目艺术的时间,比使用默认BLENDER的效果要多得多!

FAST Animation Studio TOOLS is a revolutionary add-on for BLENDER that helps you create animations FAST-ER. We take the button clicks out of ALMOST 200 PROCESSES involved in creating scenes and animations, what you’re left with, is time to think and focus on the art of your project, way more!, than you could with Default BLENDER.