Blender插件-手绘几何切割破碎工具 Noisy-Cutter v1.6+使用教程Blender插件


该工具用于从手绘样条曲线中切割、切片几何形状。切割不像其他工具那样平坦,而是凹凸不平,并且带有未包裹的 UV 噪音。您想要在木材、石头、混凝土上创建自然切割……这就是您需要的工具。  

Noisy-Cutter has been developed for our productions needs. This tool is done for cutting, slicing geometry from hand draw spline. The cut is not flat like others tools work, but bumpy, noisy with an unwrapped UV. You want to create natural cuts on wood or stone, concrete… this is the tool you need.