Blender插件-穹顶天空光照生成器 Dome Light v3.0.0Blender插件


Dome Light是一个Blender穹顶天光插件,自动化在Blender中创建环境光照节点的过程,并提供快捷方式来快速、实用地更新你的 HDR 图像。这个插件使得在Blender中生成穹顶天空和添加 HDR 环境变得更加容易和高效。

The Dome Light is an addon/plugin for Blender 4 that automates the creation of HDR/EXR lights, allowing you to create environments natively and interactively with just a few clicks.

Now, version 3 has been completely redesigned and supports multiple lighting environments.

This version has a new interactive menu where you can call it at any time in the 3D view with the standard keys Ctrl + Shift + Right Button.

These keys can be changed in Blender’s “Keymap” menu, just search for “Dome Light Menu” in the search field and use the shortcut you prefer!

Version 3 Updates:

  • Support for multiple lighting environments
  • New modal menu (Ctrl + Shift + Right Button). Only view 3D
  • Now choose folders of images instead of individual files
  • Save your HDR folders as favorites
  • Option to rename environments and favorites
  • Mix HDR now supports individual rotation
  • Preview Settings in a separate panel for a cleaner interface
  • Support only for Blender version 4 or higher

This is an alpha version, so use it with caution in production environments.