Blender插件-模型锐利边缘面板切割工具 Panel Cutter v1.4 + 使用教程Blender插件


Panel Cutter是一款Blender插件。它的作用是从Blender编辑模式中标记为锐利的边缘创建面板切割细节,从而使得用户可以更轻松地将简单的几何图形转换为详细的科幻模型。该插件还提供了一些功能,例如将生成的几何体合并到源网格或保持非破坏性、随机化面板高度、使用顶点组标记面板几何体以便于选择等。

Panel Cutter is a part of a series of small independent add-ons designed for those who want their external plugins efficient and lightweight. What it does is very simple and that is to create “panel cut” details from edges that are marked sharp inside Blender’s edit mode. This makes it easier to turn even the simplest geometry into a detailed scifi model.