Blender插件-三维地势地形山脉制作工具 Terrain Creator v1.2Blender插件
Blender插件-三维地势地形山脉制作工具 Terrain Creator v1.2Blender插件


Terrain Creator是一个用于快速简单地创建地形的Blender插件,它结合了程序噪声和绘制功能,使您能够直接在地形上绘制山脉和山谷等地形特征,以便精确控制其位置。您可以从各种预设中进行选择以开始工作,绘制地形特征,自定义材质颜色和设置,添加并自定义水位线与生成的海岸线,进行侵蚀模拟,散布植被,所有这些组合在一起,可以创建各种各样的地形。



An addon for creating terrains quickly and simply, using a combination of procedural noise with drawing features that allow you to draw terrain features like mountains and valleys directly on your terrain for precise control over placement. Choose from a variety of presets to get started, draw your terrain features, customize material colors and settings, add and customize water level with generated shoreline, erosion simulation, foliage scatter, all combine to create an endless variety of terrains.