3DS MAX参数化样条建模插件 Spline Flow Pro v. Max插件、插件


Spline Flow是一款3DS MAX参数化样条建模插件,可以用于创建复杂的曲线和曲面几何形状。它基于样条函数的概念,允许用户通过控制点和节点来定义曲线和曲面的形状。Spline Flow可以用于多种应用,如建模汽车外壳,设计家具和产品,创建动画和特效等。

Spline Flow, a plugin for 3ds Max, simplifies the creation of complex parametric objects based on the splines that smoothly flow from one to the other.Users can effortlessly generate interconnected splines following a defined path, controlling their distribution and curvature。