Blender插件-逼真头发发型生成工具 Hair Proxy V1.3Blender预设

该插件结合了头发曲线和网格对象的最佳功能。只需单击几下即可将形状键和头发动态添加到头发曲线中。使用形状键创建替代发型、调整,甚至完美的循环动画。想让你的角色的头发自然地落在肩膀后面吗?雕刻出大致的形状,启用头发动态,然后让 Blender 完成剩下的工作。想要在模拟头发动态后进行雕刻调整吗?点击“应用到雕刻”即可开始。

This addon combines the best features of hair curve and mesh objects.Shape keys and hair dynamics can be added to hair curves in just a few clicks.Use shape keys to create alternate hair styles, tweaks, or even perfect loop animations.Want your character’s hair to fall naturally behind the shoulders? Sculpt a rough shape, enable hair dynamics and let Blender do the rest.Want to make sculpted adjustments after simulating hair dynamics? Hit Apply to Sculpt and you’re good to go.