Blender插件-终极水材质着色器 Ultimate Water Shader V2.6.0Blender插件


Ultimate Water Shader是一款功能强大Blender海面水材质着色器预设,可以模拟真实海绵或者水流效果,也可以自定义控制水花波浪等。


May 2023 UWS3D 2.6.0 “Foam update” – Added a new type of foam: Edge Foam. For the first time it works on flat surfaces (meaning bump mapped water too). It automatically adds foam around shores, and edges of objects that touch the water. The old foam is now called “Height Foam”. Added 1 new island preset that showcases Edge Foam. Small UI and default value fixes in the shader. (The rocky demo environment on the image isn’t included).