AE脚本-图层蒙版裁剪处理工具 Masks to Cropped Layers II v2.1+使用教程AE脚本、脚本


这个工具有助于对矢量图形进行动画处理,并提高视觉特效合成的性能。它适用于具有多个蒙版的图层,例如从 Illustrator 粘贴图稿时,或者在 Mocha 中跟踪区域时。  每个蒙版都会复制到新的实体(用于动画)或用于创建预合成。每个新层都会被裁剪为蒙版的大小,为动画提供灵活性,同时显着提高性能。

Masks to Cropped Layers II is a utility that helps to animate vector graphics, as well as improving the performance of vfx compositing. It works on layers that have multiple masks, for example when artwork is pasted from Illustrator, or when areas are tracked in Mocha.  Each mask is copied to a new solid (for animation) or used to create a pre-comp. Each new layer is cropped to the size of the mask, providing flexibility for animation while dramatically improving performance.


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