Blender自定义植物形状插件 Anytree v1.6.2 – Trees With Any ShapeBlender插件、插件


使用Anytree,您可以建模或绘制树的大致形状,其余的由该工具完成。Anytree 具有对树的形状和外观的强大控制,因此您可以创建所需的确切资产。带有40多种优质、可快速渲染的树叶,可随时用于您的项目。使用风为树叶制作动画,以获得栩栩如生的动画运动。

With Anytree, you can model or draw the approximate shape of the tree, and the tool does the rest.

  • Model unique trees using shapes
  • Draw specific trees with curves
  • Many parameters for powerful customization
  • Support for leaves
  • Included 40+ leaves and bark materials
  • Leaf wind animation
  • Separate tree mesh and leaves for rigging or simulations
  • Optimized and controllable quad topology
  • Automatic UVs