Blender中文版插件-卡通光效路径网格轨迹拖尾动画插件 Mesh Trails V1.3.3 + 预设包Blender插件

Blender中文版插件-卡通光效路径网格轨迹拖尾动画插件 Mesh Trails V1.3.3 + 预设包

Mesh Trails 附加组件是一种工具,可帮助您通过单击按钮自动生成干净、完全可定制、基于网格的轨迹。Mesh Trails 已经开发了两年多,主要侧重于将其与工作室流程集成以实现程式化(或非程式化)VFX, 但几乎可以应用于任何需要跟踪的项目。它无缝集成到 Blender 中,并且设计得非常容易上手。但除了其基本用例之外,由于它与 Blender 已经令人印象深刻的着色器、修改器和几何节点系统的兼容性,还有无限的可能性,具体取决于您的专业水平。
The Mesh Trails add-on is a tool that helps you automatically generate clean, fully customizable, mesh-based trails with the click of a button. Mesh Trails has been in development for over two years,with a large focus on integrating it with studio pipelines for stylized (or non-stylized) VFX, but can be applied to almost any project with a need for trails. It is seamlessly integrated into Blender and is designed to be very easy to jump into. But beyond its base use case, there are endless possibilities thanks to its compatibility with Blender’s already impressive shader, modifier, and geometry node systems depending on your level of expertise.