AE/PR插件-粗糙复古8bit比特像素化效果 RetroDither v1.8 Mac/WinAE插件、PR插件

AE/PR插件-粗糙复古8bit比特像素化效果 RetroDither v1.8 Mac/Win

如果你玩过小霸王游戏机或许陪你一起走过童年 《超级玛丽》《魂斗罗》《90坦克》《冒险岛》《影子传说》……再熟悉不过,可能是由于当时的技术或是能力,游戏画面可能制作很粗糙,肉眼都能看到画面是有很多方块像素组成,但是却丝毫不影响我们的乐趣。这款 RetroDither 插件,能在AE中制作模拟出粗糙比特像素画面效果,插件还包含众多预设,支持GPU加速。

RetroDither is a GPU accelerated plugin for Adobe After Effects which allows to create stylized images with dithering and color schemes from retro game consoles and home computer platforms.

You could call it ‘save GIF for web’ on steroids on first sight, but in fact RetroDithering is capable to do so much more, having more than 10 different ordered and errordiffusion dithering algorithms and color palettes varying from several adaptive to classic hardware ones, such as ZX spectrum, CGA, MSX and many more.

Now you can do very authentic stylizing, if you’re trying to add some retro feeling into your motion graphics or footage.



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