Blender插件-场景分析优化工具 ToOptimize Tools V1.2.4Blender插件

Blender插件-场景分析优化工具 ToOptimize Tools V1.2.4

ToOptmize Tools 是 Blender 的一个插件,它将帮助您使用非常有用的工具以简单的方式优化您的场景。该插件将向您展示是什么让您的场景变得更重,比较场景中的每个对象、集合、纹理和材质!

ToOptmize Tools is an addon for Blender that will help you to optimize your scene in a simple way with very useful tools. The addon will show you what is making your scene heavier, comparing each object, collection, texture, and material in your scene!