Blender插件-洋葱皮动作残影工具 Breakdowner V2.0Blender插件

Blender插件-洋葱皮动作残影工具 Breakdowner V2.0


Breakdowner is a blender ‘Onion Skinning’ addon that was specifically designed with animators in mind.Animating is already difficult, especially when you add the mental burden of trying to remember what your key poses look like on multiple different frames. Let this addon show you the information you need while you concentrate on whats important.



1.打开软件,顶部菜单点击 编辑(Edit) → 首选项(Preference) → 插件(Add-ons) → 安装(Install) ,在弹出的窗口里选择插件*.zip格式文件安装


把zip格式文件解压出来:把解压出来的 文件夹 复制到Blender安装路径的addons目录里,如:
C:/Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/3.xx/scripts/addons