Blender插件-模拟火焰点燃燃烧扩散特效 Ignite – Fire Dynamics V1.00+使用教程Blender插件

Blender插件-模拟火焰点燃燃烧扩散特效 Ignite – Fire Dynamics V1.00+使用教程

Ignite是一个全尺寸的物理模拟,模拟燃烧,热扩散,炭形成等到目前为止,“火”模拟始终是静态的:火焰只是从同一个地方源源不断地冒出来。取而代之的是,使用 Ignite,您可以点燃小火,看着它蔓延并消耗掉物体。随着热量在表面和空气中传播,材料燃烧并留下烧焦的表面。

Ignite adds a completely new type of physics simulation to Blender. Up until now, “fire” simulations were always static: flames just came endlessly from the same spot. Instead, with Ignite, you can start a small fire and watch it spread and consume the object. As heat spreads over the surface and through the air, the material burns up and leaves behind charred surfaces.


1.打开软件,顶部菜单点击 编辑(Edit) → 首选项(Preference) → 插件(AAdd-ons) → 安装(Install) ,在弹出的窗口里选择插件zip文件安装

2.重启Blender,在 文件 → 用户设置 → 插件 里即可看到所安装的插件