Blender插件-科幻奇幻魔法物质消散溶解效果工具 POSTSHADE DissolveFX 1.01Blender插件


一种实时解决方案,可让您以科幻/奇幻风格溶解任何内容。设置简单快捷,使用公开的参数找到最佳视觉风格,将组附加到现有着色器的末尾,并动画化评估时间以实现结果。Dissolve FX 是一个着色器组,当您需要让动画中的某些东西消失,或者只是想要在静态渲染中添加科幻风格时,它非常方便。

PostShade-DissolveFX  is a real-time solution to make anything you need to dissolve in a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy fashion. Easy and quick to set up, find your best visual style using exposed parameters, append the Group at the end of your already existing shader and animate the evaluation time to achieve your results.The Dissolve FX is a Shader group that comes very handy when you need to make something disappear fancy in animation or even if you just want a Sci Fi touch to your still renders.