Blender加快渲染速度插件 Turbo Render V4.1.3Blender插件


Turbo Tools包含Turbo Render和Temporal Stabilizer两个功能,Turbo Render可以加速渲染,Temporal Stabilizer可以加强每个通道渲染的稳定性,也是整体加快渲染速度

Major Feature Release – Turbo Tools V3 now with Temporal Stabilizer and the option to use animation optimised sample pre-sets!

Turbo Tools is a full rendering pipeline addon that includes:

  • Turbo Render – Vastly superior render results up to 960x faster. Retains image quality the standard denoisers can’t maintain even when providing them with images rendered for 120X longer! For complex scenes you can expect your single frame renders to be reduced from several hours to several minutes!
  • Temporal Stabilizer – Although only a single checkbox, this massive new feature provides per pass temporal stabilization, allowing animation render times to be reduced by up to 40x!