Blender插件-模拟肌肉系统工具 X-Muscle System v3.9.79Blender插件


X-Muscle System专为快速创建肌肉系统、组织和其他有机物体及其物理模拟而设计。 其主要目的是帮助根据身体肌肉、脂肪甚至骨骼保留来更好地可视化皮肤表面的变形。

X-Muscle System is an add-on designed for rapid muscular system, tissue and other organic object creation and their physical simulations. Its main purpose is to help visualize better skin surface deformations according to volume preservation of the body muscles, fat and even skeletal bones. Add-on lets you focus on the design, creativity and to significantly speed up the workflow with extremal learning curve.