Blender烘焙PBR材质纹理贴图插件 SimpleBake v1.2.2Blender插件


SimpleBake是Blender的最终烘焙解决方案。简而言之,它可以让您简单地烘焙 PBR 和其他纹理。Blender 提供了一种非常强大的方法来使用节点创建复杂的 PBR 材质。然而,烘焙和导出这些材料以供其他软件或系统(Substance Painter、Second Life、Sketchfab、Unity 等)使用的简单过程却异常困难。SimpleBake旨在解决这个问题。SimpleBake 是一个插件/工具,提供 一键式解决方案 ,用于简单地从 Blender中创建的材料烘焙 PBR 贴图。然而,SimpleBake不仅仅是PBR的附加组件。您可以轻松烘焙所有“传统”Cycles 烘焙模式,以及其他类型的专业贴图(环境遮挡、曲率、厚度、顶点颜色和颜色 ID)。

SimpleBake is the definitive baking solution for Blender. In short, it allows you to simply bake PBR and other textures.Blender provides a very powerful way to create complex PBR materials by using nodes. However, what should be a simple process of baking and exporting these materials for use with other software or systems (Substance Painter, Second Life, Sketchfab, Unity etc.) is surprisingly difficult.SimpleBake aims to address this problem. SimpleBake is an addon / tool that provides a one-click solution for simply baking PBR maps from materials created in Blender.However, SimpleBake isn’t just an add-on for PBR. You can easily bake all of the “traditional” Cycles bake modes, along with other kinds of specialist maps (Ambient Occlusion, Curvature, Thickness, Vertex Colours and Colour ID).