Blender插件-模型包裹贴合吸附工具 Conform Object v1.4.14Blender插件


Conform Object是款一键贴合模型弯曲吸附包裹插件,可以让一个模型,完美的完全贴合到另外一个模型的表面 对于需要在一个动作中将对象包装到另一个对象表面。

For anyConform Object 3D modeller that needs to wrap objects onto another object surface in one action.The add-on handles the complexity of doing this for you in a non-destructive way.

  • Simple right-click menu option performs the operation in one go.
  • Graduate the effect from the bottom to the top of the object.
  • Choose from Grid Mode or Shrinkwrap Mode.
  • Transfer surface normals to blend object shading.
  • Underlying mesh is not affected.
  • Undo and apply options handle the underlying complexity of adding and removing modifers.
  • Conform multiple objects at once.
  • Presets system to save your preferred settings.