AE/PR/PS插件-专业色盘色轮视频调色插件 Warping Wheels v3.4.0 WinAE插件、PR插件、中文版插件


Warping Wheels是一个专业高级的色轮色环视频调色插件。,通过这个色环就可以对视频色调进行调节,比自带的调色更加精细可控,可以对人物肤色进行单独调节。

At first sight, one may not immediately recognize the difference between the traditional color wheels and the Picture Instruments Warping Wheels. However, at second glance it becomes clear that the Warping Wheels are far superior to the traditional color wheels.

支持 Win 系统:

  • After Effects CC 2021-2024或更高版本
  • Premiere Pro CC 2021-2024或更高版本
  • Photoshop CC 2021-2024或更高版本