Blender插件-模型快速生成网格工具 Simply Micro Mesh v2.4Blender插件


Simply Micro Mesh插件可帮助您快速轻松地将现成的微型物体投影到目标物体上。当然,您可以更改它们或创建和使用您自己的微网格。缩放和相位可以快速调整,它可以帮助您快速可视化密度。包含120+预设模型,特别是在制作铁网方面使用十分方便

The addon helps you to project ready-made micro objects onto your target object quickly and easily. Of course you can change them or create and use your own micro meshes. The scaling and phase can be adjusted quickly and it helps you to visualize the density quickly.