Blender插件-摄像机运动移动预设动画 Cinepack V4 – Pre-Animated Camera Moves 2024Blender插件


专为Blender创建的大量预设动画、完全可定制、专业的相机动作。旨在提高产值并节省时间!轻松将好莱坞电影、动态图形、广告和视觉特效镜头中常见的摄像机移动轻松导入到您的场景中,这些镜头移动由在电影行业拥有超过12年以上经验的电影摄影师设计。您会想知道如果没有 CinePack,您是如何度过的!

A huge collection of pre-animated, fully customisable, professional camera moves created for Blender — Designed to boost production values and save time!Easily import into your scene, camera moves typically found in Hollywood Movies, Motion Graphics, Adverts and VFX Shots which have been designed by a cinematographer with over 10+ years experience in the film industry. You will wonder how you ever managed without CinePack!