Blender插件-展UV多功能贴图工具包 TexTools v1.6.1Blender插件


TexTools 是 Blender 的免费插件,具有一组专业的 UV 和纹理工具。与 Blender 3.2 及更高版本完全兼容,大多数功能应适用于 2.8 之前的 Blender 版本,包括:UV 布局工具(对齐、校正、排序、随机化…)、多种开箱即用的纹理烘焙模式、 Texel 密度工具、智能 UV 选择操作器、颜色 ID 工具和一些与 UV 相关的网格创建实用程序。

TexTools is a free addon for Blender with a set of professional UV and Texture tools. Fully compatible with Blender 3.2 and later, most features should work for Blender versions as old as 2.8, including: UV Layout tools (Align, Rectify, Sort, Randomize…), multiple out-of-the-box Texture Baking modes, Texel Density tools, smart UV Selection operators, Color ID tools and some UV related Mesh creation utilities.