Blender预设-演播室室内舞台灯光场景预设 Stage Lighting KitBlender预设、预设


它能让您仅凭一条曲线就能轻松地创建、设置和控制舞台照明。这款套件不仅性能出色,而且轻量级,无需纹理或模型,让您能够快速创建出舞台照明效果和光束动画。如BSWF四合一灯光、LED PAR灯、激光系统、闪光灯、像素线灯、盲灯等,让您的舞台照明设计变得更加多样化。结合Blender的实时渲染引擎Eevee,可以高效、快速地调试和渲染。

With just one curve, you can create\setting and control stage lighting.

High performance, lightweight, None texture, None model, easy and fast to create stage lighting renderings and beam animate effects.

All parametric equipment currently included in the Stage Kit:

BSWF four-in-one lighting (Beam/Spot/Wash/Face), LED par light, Laser System, Strobe, Pixel-Line light, Blinder light, Truss stand, Layher stand, LEDLine.


  1. This stage kit is for stage designers, which is convenient for hanging lights, controlling lights, making lighting pose and lighting animation effects. Combined with Blender’s real-time rendering engine Eevee, it can debug and render efficiently and quickly.
  2. Designers who are not professional in stage art, but have a 3D foundation, can easily and quickly design brilliant stage art effects after owning this kit, which is a great tool for skill improvement.