Blender插件-自动涂抹残像拖影拖尾特效 Autosmear V2Blender插件


AutoSmear是一个Blender插件,它允许用户自动涂抹(smear)对象。插件提供一个新的节点组,其中包括曲线涂抹和重复涂抹的节点组,还有一个直线涂抹的节点组。此外,插件还提供了一些便利的工具,如清理工具和重置涂抹按钮,这些工具位于 n 面板的工具部分。

AutoSmear is an addon that allows you to well, automatically smear objects! In the addon you will get a new node group that has curved smears and duplicates and a node group that has straight smears. You also get some quality of life additions like cleanup tools and a reset smear button which are in the tools section of the n panel.